How to Start Your Own

Empowerment Program

by Kimberly L. Thomas

Setting up an empowerment program can be easy with these simple steps!

Let's Make a Difference!

Are you ready to do this?

Hi new friend! Just like me, you have a genuine heart to help empower others in your community, religious group, or where ever you feel there's a need. You're in good hands.

When you join my list, I'll first share my journey to empowering others while helping you get started on your way. I'm sharing my toolkit and experiences in easy, step-by-step interactive online tutorials.

To explain a little further, some of the lessons in this tutorial will help you:

-Discover who you should empower (very important)

-Create a mission statement

-Select your Board of Directors
-Organize your business

- Find Members

...and much, much more!

PLUS you'll be given support to help you move past any hurdles you may encounter along the way.

If you've already started an empowerment program but need tips promoting it and growing your membership, I can help with that too.

When you join my list, you'll receive a FREE Empowerment Chart to help you figure out what type of empowerment program fits your passion, skills, and expertise just right.

See you on the inside!

Kimberly L. Thomas

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How to Start Your Own Empowerment Program

You're almost there! I can feel the empowerment juices start to flow!
It's an exciting thing knowing that you're moving closer to what's been on your heart and mind for some time, isn't it?

Whether it's helping a group of people or starting a program for young mothers, weight-loss program, or helping young adults transition from college to adult life, you're moving in the right direction.

Thanks for taking another step towards learning how to empower others.

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