Conquer Celiac Disease and Rediscover the Joy in Eating Again

An online course for those living with celiac disease.

Have you just been diagnosed with celiac disease or feel that you are continuing to struggle on the GF diet?

Don't rely on the misleading "Dr. Google" when it comes to doing the GF diet correctly. Get off on the right foot, so you can get better faster.

  1. Easily and correctly read labels like a pro (make grocery shopping simple, like it used to be).
  2. Effectively communicate gluten free needs when eating out (restaurants/family houses), so you can confidently reduce risk of cross contamination.
  3. Learn the top 3 areas to address when eating out so you can eat at many restaurants while still significantly reducing cross contamination risk (no more frantically 'googling' GF restaurants)
  4. Get resources on international travel, healthy brand name foods that taste great and eating out guides (specifically for non-celiac family members too!).
  5. Find delicious gluten free alternatives to foods you thought you could no longer eat. (Get recipes that work and learn how to adapt family favorite recipes to GF!)
  6. Identify if you have underlying nutrition deficiencies/conditions that need to be addressed.
  7. Setup your kitchen so it is celiac safe (even if you have gluten eating family members).
  8. Heal the gut by taking this number one, overlooked, step to long term digestive health.
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