Writer's Guide - 6 Proven Paths for Creating a Permanent Writing Habit

I struggled for a long time

I got the computer like everyone told me to.

I tried to journal like everyone told me to.

I brainstormed ideas randomly like everyone told me to.

But the thing is, I was never able to make a writing habit, not one that stuck.

Since that was the case, I was not able to make progress toward my writing goals.

Flash-forward to today, I have written more than 750 posts across various platforms. I have written two books, and am in the process of editing my third.

Starting the hard work of writing is no longer a challenge for me, in large part because of these 6 paths. I have used each of them, and they have all been beneficial.

I know they will help you.


Create a Permanent Writing Habit

These 6 paths will help you form a habit of daily writing and (finally) stick with it.