It's Time to RISE UP!!

Either we stay buried under our failures or we learn to rise up & walk on top of them!

What if this year you decided to:

Walk out and take that first step?

Would you like to:

  • Begin that program?
  • Write that book?
  • Take that class?
  • Start that business?
  • Follow that dream?
  • Get that degree?
  • Rise up?

To encourage you in your life, in your writing, in your relationships, in your work... we are adding a whole new facet to our ministry.

We want to come alongside you and inspire you, equip you, and motivate you to rise up and walk.

Through hope-filled emails, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and even some online classes, it's our desire to spur you on to greater things!

We'd love for YOU to join us!

Join the "Rise Up" Movement!

Share your name and email below, and we'll add you!

(The Movement begins April 17!)