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The numbers are in: after 20 years of experimentation, agile projects fail in the enterprise almost as much as waterfall projects! Why?

If you like the concept of a lean, agile enterprise, but are frustrated by it's failure in your organization, get Delivery Smart. In tough economic times, companies cannot afford to fail. The difference between software project success and failure could make or break your career.

Look here, not there

Truth is, the experts have been looking in the wrong place. Enterprise technology project success or failure has little to do with what flavor of agile you choose- scrum, kanban, SAFe, XP, lean, etc. And most agile frameworks were designed for small, dedicated teams with direct production server control. In fact, agile's failure in enterprise settings has little to do with "agile" at all!

My name is Curtis. For almost 20 years, I've made a lucrative career of saving "burning platforms" for global Fortune 500 companies with IT orgs of up to 65,000 people. My clients have recorded improvements of 300% to 1,600%, with 20x ROI, by their own estimates.

"Curtis was a true joy to work with. Without his skills and work ethic, the project we worked together on would have failed. The project was one of the most successful projects of my career and I think I owe a lot to him for that."
~Jarrett Grantham, Senior Technical Staff Member, Oracle
"I have been a part of a lot of IT projects in the past, and this is the best I have seen in delivering the original scope and intent within the funded year. I am incredibly proud of the team, and thankful to you for keeping us on track."
~Executive Director, Fortune 100 tech industry manufacturer

Thirty Fortune 500 companies can't be wrong

Read dozens more client testimonials, results, and case studies at at I started my first consulting company in England in 1995, and have worked with scores of companies, governments, and non-profits across three continents since then. We've helped clients unleashed team potential time after time, even at the most hidebound organizations. You can get the same.

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