Why do we read the Bible at all?

What is this book, and where did it come from anyway?

How Did We Get the Bible?

A brief ebook on why the church still reads this ancient document.

The Bible is hard to understand. So is the weather.

If we read the weather wrong then we can be caught out in the cold or soaking wet. If we read the Bible wrong we become confused and discouraged.

Part of the problem is that we don't trust where the Bible came from or understand why God gave it to us.

In this short ebook you'll learn

  • that Christianity has always been a "bookish religion"
  • how the Bible came to be (the question of the canon)
  • how God speaks through the Bible

So if you wonder why we need the Bible, or what God's word is, then download this free ebook now.

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How did we get the bible

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