The Forgotten Sacrifice of Jesus

What if you were missing something really important about Jesus's death?

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We sometimes feel stuck or confused when it comes to thinking of Jesus’s death as a sacrifice.

Some of us know Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins. But maybe we don’t feel like Jesus’s death makes a difference in the rest of our lives.

Others of us—if we’re honest—just feel that sacrifice is a little barbaric. We don’t know what to think except that we don’t want any part of it.

Expanding the Sacrifice of Jesus

In this FREE 4-day email course we are going to move beyond a narrow view of Jesus’s death by adding often forgotten aspects of it. And when we do you’ll understand how Jesus’s death can transform your entire life, bringing together Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

This is what we are going to cover:

  • Day One: The Sacrifice of Freedom (Passover)
  • Day Two: The Sacrifice for Family (Covenant)
  • Day Three: The Sacrifice of Fellowship (Daily)
  • Day Four: The Sacrifice of Forgiveness (Atonement)
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