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Feel the joy of deeply caring for yourself

If you feel like a burden, even to yourself...

If you feel undeserving of TLC...

If you're suffering from self-neglect and putting yourself last…

You are valuable and deserve to be cherished.

One of my biggest challenges in trauma recovery has been self care. Childhood abuse groomed us to neglect ourselves since we had to orient ourselves to the abuser(s) and their needs and wants instead of our own.

That leads to a life of feeling bad for taking care of our own needs.

Or feeling resentment for having so many unmet needs.

Or even feeling inadequate to meet our own needs.

And it’s time to change that.

I have some special things to share with you to help you nurture yourself in significant ways:

  • How to stop feeling like a burden
  • How to start feeling deserving of good things
  • How to make yourself a priority without feeling selfish

The live class is over, but the recording is available through today.

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As a survivor of incest, sex trafficking and a 21-year long abusive marriage (now remarried to an emotionally healthy, loving and supportive man), I bring personal experience, empathy, and insight as well as professional training to help childhood sexual abuse survivors thrive.

I’m a Strategic Interventionist and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty Life Story certification. I'm also the CoFounder of Overcoming Sexual Abuse and author of The Rescued Soul.

I'd love for you to let me show you how you can build a solid, loving foundation for your life.

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