Repurpose Your Pain!

Live your purpose through service and radical self-care!

5 Day Ecstatic Living Challenge

Learn to Default to Bliss

You are the lifeline for your family [or family of choice] and countless others who are inspired, influenced and impacted by you. So where do you get the fuel to be your own champion? How do you reach your full potential, give them a superior model of how life can be and avoid burn-out, resentment and distractions?

You are not the type who can settle for good enough, it will tear you up inside and defeat the purpose of all the work you've done on yourself and you know what? It doesn't serve your people either. Be present with them and give because you are overflowing and never operating on "e"...this sacrifice thing doesn't have to happen when you come from the sacred and learn to default to bliss.

You Get: A workbook explaining each principle

Daily activities sent to your email

A private facebook group to post for support every day

+ Dig Deep Into Bonuses:

Meditation/Mantra Guide, Sacred Parenting Guide

Interactive Writing & Communication Zine, More Than A Cleanse Sacred Eating Plan

If you want to:

*Master the mundane

*Own Creative Adulting

*Keep up with your karma
*Create sacred partnership
*Find conscious community
*Default to bliss
*AND maintain an authentic spiritual practice


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