How to Market Yourself as a Professional


and Earn Money Now!

Market Yourself as a Speaker

and Make Money as a Speaker

How to Market Yourself as a Speaker and Make Money Now as a Speaker

Are you struggling to find paid speaking assignments?

Are people asking you to speak for free?

Are you stuck following a marketing program that is taking hours of your time but not returning results? (Cold Calling for one)
Are you speaking everywhere you can for the exposure?
Are you just getting started as a Professional Speaker?
Are you afraid to get started as a Professional Speaker?
Are you being paid for the value you bring to the table?

Like many other speakers,

I would take any speaking gig with the hope that It would magically lead to a paying client. I would speak sometimes, up to three times a day. Yes, they provided meals or a small per diem, but no, they did not provide referrals that generated income. I paid coaches upward of $10,000 to help me. Let me rephrase that, I wasted $10,000. I found out that people were coaching because they were not able to market themselves as a Professional Speaker. Despite reading several dozen books on marketing myself as a speaker I was failing as a Professional Speaker. Things changed.

Now: 2017 – Paid speaking assignments eighty-six, non-paid speaking engagements one (in front of 11 major University Presidents)

It takes work, it is not a get speaking quick game.
So what?

You can find the level of money you want as a Professional Speaker. You can relax and enjoy making a difference.

Let me say it again (Type it again) You can relax and enjoy making a difference.

A difference with your audience.
A difference in your family’s life.
A difference in your life.

If I did it, I guarantee that you can do it too. And do it faster with less pain and time.

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  • What your marketing infrastructure should look like
  • Using LinkedIn to Cause Potential Clients to Reach Out To You
  • Developing Your One Sheet
  • How to Create Quick Videos for Your Blog
  • **Plus MORE

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