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R & R Course

Join the FB course to get journaling prompts and support while working to make some changes any time the year..

We'll work on your mindset, habits, confidence, and looking at your past, present, and future. This way you can renew and refresh and work on becoming the best version of yourself by reflecting and spending some time on introspection.

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1. Access to a Free Facebook Community of videos and journaling prompts.

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Refresh and Renew Challenge

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I have come up with 15 specific prompts that encompass topics such as change, hurt, confidence, self-belief, but also include self-love and self-care so once you work through the hard stuff, you can begin to heal and refresh.

In this course,I'll be asking you to reflect deeply and not just answer the prompts and move on!

If you want to start working on personal development and healing, along with having a supportive environment, you're in the right place!

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