Did you ever think of crowdfunding your idea but didn't know how to start?

You can raise big bucks too.

And no, you don't have to be a marketing expert to be successful at this.

In less than six months I've helped a hardware tech startup raise over $106,000 from crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. Plenty of other startups have raised much more, simply by following a disciplined crowd-funding strategy. Many of them started-just like me-without any marketing experience.

It takes a well-planned crowd-funding strategy

As the old saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You see, a successful crowdfunding campaign involves more than putting up a few photos of your product, and hoping the traffic will come.

Rather, it requires an intentional crowd-funding launch plan, that involves :

1. Knowing who your target customers are

2. Crafting key marketing message(s)

3. Creating kick-ass, viral videos that sell

4. Generating lots of pre-launch awareness

5. Sustaining campaign momentum after launch 

So why create the Crowdfunded! kit?

Having zero marketing experience when I first started out, I wished there was a simple, step-by-step guide available that could teach me all I needed to know about putting together a good crowd-funding launch plan.

The problem was that this guide didn't yet exist anywhere. Rather, the knowledge I learnt came from a wide variety of scattered resources all over the Internet. I still remember the headache of spending weeks poring through hundreds of blogs, articles and PDFs in order to come up with the first product launch plan. 

And it is for helping other people save their time, and raise big bucks, that I put together this kit

What you'll learn from this kit

You’ll get an ebook, videos tutorials, case studies and other resources that will contain the entire crowdfunding launch strategy I used from start to end, covered in detail.You will also learn how to put the five elements together for a successful crowd-funding campaign.

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