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Free course by Kevin Dewalt

A step-by-step approach for what does - and doesn't - work in the real world

You've heard about Customer Development - but don't know where to start

That is how I felt 5 years ago. But since then I've dedicated my career to learning how. It turns out you CAN follow a specific process, and in this course I will teach you what I have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide.

You've read tons - but still don't understand the whole process

I will take the best of what I've written, what others have written - and what I've learned from private conversations with the people like Steve Blank and Eric Ries - and organize it into a step-by-step course.

You tried Customer Development and gave up

It isn't you - this is very common and I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get back on track. It turns out the real world does not work like the textbook examples.

You don't even know how to FIND customers TO develop

Yep. This has happened to me too. It is especially common with technical founders like me. Unfortunately...we can't code our way out of the problem. But there ARE things you CAN do. Trust me, I can help you.

You don't know what to ask customers.

Wouldn't it be great if customers just told us what they want? Alas, it doesn't happen. But in this course you will learn the right questions to ask potential customers that instantly tell you if your startup will fail.


In 12 lessons we will cover

  1. What Customer Development is - and why we do it
  2. The #1 reason why most entrepreneurs do Customer Development wrong
  3. Steve Blank's "Big Idea" - and how you can use it to simplify everything you hear
  4. How to document your business assumptions without making it a paperwork drill
  5. How to find - yes find - real customers to interview
  6. What to do if you CANNOT find customers to interview
  7. What to - and NOT to - ask customers during interviews
  8. How to avoid boring the s%#* out of people and other avoidable mistakes
  9. How to interpret interview results
  10. How to know when you've "Done Enough" Customer Development
  11. Why you should stop being so hard on yourself
  12. How the best entrepreneurs really work

But most of all...

I will try to make you feel better about the challenges you are facing. What you will never get from me is judgement or preaching - entrepreneurship is really, really hard and I have struggled for many years. I help hundreds of entrepreneurs a year with these challenges and I have worked with the best minds in the world.

Believe in yourself - Everyone I've ever met who has been successful has been going through what you're experiencing.

  • Dean

    Bob Kinnison

    Athletes Audio, Dallas, TX

    Thank you so much Kevin for the sounding board, connection, validation, generosity and humor. By ANY definition, Kevin is an amazing coach. I felt an instant warmth, I learned a lot, and it just plain felt good to have someone to hear me out. You can't help but walk away from the exchange a better entrepreneur.

  • Dean

    Jonathan Levi


    Kevin made sure that we were on the right track with our Customer Development. It was invaluable (and really comforting) to have someone with so much experience verify that our heads were in the right place, and that we're doing things properly.

  • Dean

    Bridget Griffin


    Kevin, you were incredibly helpful. It can be difficult to find a good, unbiased and nonjudgemental resource as an entrepreneur, so I truly appreciated the experience. I would highly suggest other entrepreneurs contact you.

Thank you, Steve Blank

You changed startups forever with your simple but brilliant observation about what causes real risks. Had it not been for your ideas about Customer Development I would have quit startups forever. Thank you, again, my friend.

Beginning Customer Development

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