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Your reputation drives your business

Your most valuable asset is what customers think of YOU - it drives sales, creates evangelists, helps recruit talent.

Now, more than ever, 1-on-1 interactions generate passionate customers

Getting customer mind share is harder every day. Blogging, social media, and email are too noisy. You need to stand out - and helping people face-to-face is still the best way.

But "coffee meetings" kill productivity

You genuinely WANT to help people who ask for it, but 10 emails and 3 days later you finally find time for coffee or a call. Afternoon of productivity lost.

What if you could have both? The impact of helping people 1-on-1 for less time?

You can. I'm using a new strategy called Helpful Marketing™ to build a worldwide army of fans for my work. You can read what they're saying about me here.

Oh, and I am doing it from my home office in Beijing, China for less time every week than I used to spend on 1 "coffee meeting".

Build an army of evangelists by helping people over Skype or Google Hangout

I will teach you a process for systematically creating ravenously passionate fans for your work - that is, the RIGHT fans who matter. Potential customers who will evangelize your work and drive sales.

  • Dean

    Dean Brauer

    London, England

    This is no marketing/PR stunt. Kevin's system delivers value; setting up a call was frictionless and the 30 minutes you spend with him will deliver focus and actionable insights for your business. Great guy, great system!

Is this course for you?

Product entrepreneurs will learn how to accelerate Customer Development and sell more.

Freelancers & service providers will learn how to win more contracts.

Bloggers & book authors will learn how to sell more and write better content.

Seminar teachers will learn how to sell more online classes.

I have taught dozens of professionals how to do Helpful Marketing and I will teach you too.

In 10 self-paced lessons I will guide you step-by-step

  1. My story - a crazy desperate experiment that worked

    A very personal story of how I started Helpful Marketing as a last resort.

  2. Why 99% of business problems have the same root cause

    I’ll introduce the notion of a True Fan and why it is the most important business relationship in the world.

  3. Instantly turn a total stranger into a True Fan

    Why I know exactly when I will hit 1,000 True Fans: the Summer of 2016. It is shockingly easy once you know how to do it.

  4. How I do Helpful Marketing

    Enough theory; the process from beginning to end.

  5. Tools you need to start Helpful Marketing

    With the right tools you’ll save a ton of time and love Helpful Marketing. Without the right tools you’ll probably quit.

  6. The secret about people who call me for help

    I won’t spoil the surprise, except to say this was lesson was the most fun to write.

  7. Promotion - make opportunities to create True Fans

    How integrating Helpful Marketing into your other marketing efforts compounds the effect for no additional cost or time.

  8. The most positive 30 minutes of your life

    How to do a Helpful Marketing call and not just help someone - but convert them into your most passionate advocate.

  9. Problems are moments of value creation

    From Customer Development to winning contracts to writing, awareness of problems generates tangible business value.

  10. I am so optimistic about your opportunities

    Getting 1,000 True Fans is easy when you have a pool of BILLIONS to choose from.

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I live in Asia and meet entrepreneurs like you all over the world. The very nature of our work is changing FAST and what worked 2 years ago is now obsolete.

Stop writing blog posts nobody reads ... stop going to random "networking events" and "meetups" ... stop taking random "coffee meetings".

I spent years doing all of these things that resulted in little or no value. I promise you there is a better way.

Helpful Marketing 101

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