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FREE Canning Basics Course

Want to add more homemade, healthy food to your meals?

Want to make jars of delicious, wholesome preserves? Want to cook more homemade, healthy foods but aren't sure you can do it?

Maybe you think canning is super time consuming, complicated, or impossible for a beginner to learn...

This course is for you.

The Canning Basics Course teaches the important foundational lessons of how to use canning in a busy, modern home and focuses on how canning works & equipment usage. You'll learn how to know you are definitely doing it right, how canning is easier than you expect, and why you probably have all the equipment you need already.

After you enroll, you'll be taken to the online "classroom" where after you log in, you'll be able to access the lessons, videos, links, and PDF guides. The online classroom makes it easier for you to learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn it; you will LOVE it!

Learn the basics so you can preserve the farmer's market haul with confidence!

Enroll: Canning Basics

Enroll in this FREE Canning Basics Course and learn from an expert the 3 areas that are the most difficult for newbies!