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I was at an event recently, eating and chatting with supporters of the Entrepreneur Mom Now community. Two women, both of whom I know well, embraced like long-lost colleagues. "How do you know each other?" I exclaimed, certain they were acquaintances from way back. "From the group," they cried!! What fun.

They were talking about our free networking and learning group on Facebook. Right now more than 400 women are making powerful connections just like these - relationships that are bringing each of them more profit, fulfillment and happiness. Women are leaning on each other for support, and finding answers to tough questions in minutes. Another member told me "There is so much information out there. It's nice to have a place where I can ask a question and instantly get the answer I need." Yep, it is that powerful.

So here's the thing: we need you in there too. We need your energy, we need your questions, we need your advice? Will you join us?

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