Make a Gratitude Pumpkin

A thankfulness reminder. For all good friendships that have enriched your life.

Good friendships require work.

The art of friendship is worth the effort.

May this ‘Gratitude Pumpkin’ be a symbol to remind you of all the Goodness in your life. As you pass by it each day, let it cause you to reflect on all the different friendships you’ve enjoyed over the years. And how each of those relationships has added to the richness of your life.” — Marie Scott

If you would like to make your own gratitude pumpkin, it's really pretty easy!

In a nutshell, here is the project: Paint a pumpkin any color you like. Then take the file called "Charleston Gerbera" and print it out in color. Then cut that out, and glue it to your pumpkin. Once that is dry, put a coat of sealer on the whole thing.

Voila! You will seriously have THE cutest porch pumpkin on the block.

(To download my detailed, step-by-step instructions, simply click the blue button.)

create a Gratitude Pumpkin

Download Directions to make your own “Gratitude Pumpkin”

Making your own pumpkin, is really quite easy. Do it with a friend. Do it with a child. Just don’t forget to download the picture for the pumpkin!

Click here to get access for the orange flower for the Pumpkin!

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