A Free Tarot/Oracle Card E-course with Nicole Piar

~ LEARN to use your Tarot and/or Oracle Cards to KNOW YOURSELF

~ Make decisions with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY.

~ Walk your path with a purposeful HEART and FAR-SEEING eyes.

This is a resource you can use again and again whenever you are lingering at a crossroads or just feeling stagnant or unclear.

INCLUDES: 3 guided meditations (audio), card spreads, teachings, journaling prompts, creative exercises, digital wallpaper for your phone and computer and the Vision Seeker community.

NEED A DECK TO WORK WITH: My Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck is perfect for this course. It is easy to use and sparkling with magic: www.spiritcatsdeck.com

Nicole Piar

Nicole Piar is the creator of the much-loved Spirit Cats Oracle Deck. While working as a professional artist, she has practiced meditation, intuitive channeling, and collaborating with nature spirits for magical manifesting for 18 years. She has honed her skills in navigating the inner realm and bringing back the jewels of insight to put into day-to-day practice. Now, she wishes to share these tools with you, so that you may truly become a Vision Seeker.

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