An orange flower of Gratitude

A thankfulness reminder. For all good friendships that have enriched your life.

This painting has a Story. It is called “Charleston Gerbera.”

But YOUR story has its own name.

I call my story “Charleston Gerbera.” But mostly just because that's where the flower in this painting was growing when I spotted it — one magical weekend spent with wonderful friends.

A weekend spent (you guessed it!) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Which is the whole reason I painted the flower.
To Remember.

I hope you will use this picture with my blessing, to remind you of all the good friendships in your own life.

Marie Scott

PS To read moare about the story that inspired this flower, visit my website at

Access “Charleston Gerbera”

An orange flower of Gratitude. My gift for YOU!

This downloadable image of "Charleston Gerbera," was designed for you to use with the “Gratitude Pumpkin” project.

That being said, if you just aren't into pumpkins, OR projects... fine with me! Feel free to simply print out the painting and tack it to your bulletin board. Or pop it into a frame.

But either way. Use this flower to remind you of all good friendships in your life. Enjoy! —Marie Scott

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