Lesson #15

Become a Drumming Terminator

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Thanks so much for watching!

Sunday Session Lesson #15: Become a Drumming Terminator

Hey guys! Thanks so much for tuning in for this week's Sunday Session. I'm such a strong believer in logging correct repetitions...

"Too often, I've seen groups where students rehearse poorly, but then "turn it on" for the peformance. Other groups may have a great rehearsal, only to choke when it's time make it count. Neither is good, and you should aim to rehearse the way you want to perform. In some ways, human are very much like machines; we're programmed through repetition. If we do something incorrectly 19 times, and correctly 1 time, what will we most likely do during the performance? I often tell my students, "Do it right so many times that you can't do it wrong."

Download the free PDF to continue reading, and I'll show you some examples of how you can use 4 & 4's to become a drumming terminator!



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