I spent 3 years turning my blog into a 6-figure business.

Can you do it in half the time?​

Implement the strategies and exercises in this free 5 day challenge to build a successful blog - on the fast track!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced blogging overwhelm.

From the day I purchased my domain name, to last night when I was stressing over a malfunctioning plug-in.

Don’t know what a plug-in is? My point exactly.

There are a zillion things to know about blogging.

One day you’ll have built your blog to the point that you can afford to hire specialists to know, implement and optimize many of those things for you. (I do!)

If you want to reach that day though - where you have enough income to outsource, to delegate and to take care of yourself - you have to step away from the cliff of blogging overwhelm and start with what really matters.

And what is it that really matters?

That’s the million-dollar question, and it’s the one I hope to answer for you in this free, 5-day challenge.

Whether you’re just starting out, stuck in a blogging rut or suffering from a serious case of blogger overwhelm, these exercises are designed to bring renewed mission, focus and enthusiasm to your blog.

Give yourself permission to tune out the jargon – analytics, SEO, affiliates, segmentation, etc. – for the next 5 days and dial into what really matters for bringing your blog to the next level.

These are the things I wish I’d known when I started to put my blog on the fast track.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to learn the hard way – enter your name and email to get started today. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s free?!

Each day you will receive an email from me with an exercise designed to help you build a better blog – without the overwhelm.

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Here’s a quick run down of what you’ll learn in this free 5 day email course:

Day 1: The 3 questions you MUST be able to answer to have a successful blog. (What they are. And how to answer them).

Day 2: What you should be blogging about.

Day 3: Why looks matter (for your blog).

Day 4: Which social media platforms you actually need to use.

Day 5: How to promote your work to build your traffic and grow your following.