The Write Diva Productions, LLC

2017 is here. Now what?

Time to get mentally strapped in to accomplish your dream of becoming an author.

The Write Spark™

While you're getting your body right, don't forget your brain. Write.

You've proclaimed 2017 to be your year to stop procrastinating + get your book written. It's not just a book; it's a business card that will get more than the Glance N' Toss.

You want:

*an elevated reputation
*a sense of accomplishment
*groupies (for real)
*a passive income stream
*a speaking platform
*a reminder that you are a super action taker who does more than talking about dreams-- you live them.

But you don't know where to start or how to put a book together in the first place.

I'm just The Write Diva to help you get'er done.

Get ready for 10 days of writing wrestling!

Day 1, we're going to dismantle the myths and mindset that kept you from completing your book.

Days 2 & 3, we're going to mine your mind for the nuggets you have to share with the world.

Days 4 & 5, we're going to get a crash course on the elements of storytelling & writing.

Day 6 & 7, you'll get the writing tools you need to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Day 8, you will learn how to overcome writer's block.

Day 9, get feedback on your writing during a live writing review.

Day 10, learn how to publish the book as an ebook and print book.

This wouldn't be a course without homework & accountability. During the boot camp, you'll receive supporting handouts & access to a private Facebook where you'll find like-minded individuals who will celebrate your wins and help you write your way through your roadblocks.

Don't just take my word for it; see what former students had to say.

Now are you ready to take advantage of the opportunity?

Join The Write Spark boot camp + get writing!

Hear about it first!


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