Lesson #19

It's About the Little Things

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Sunday Session Lesson #19: It's About the Little Things

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for tuning in for this week's Sunday Session. Auditions are coming up, and here's something I've learned from watching thousands of live and video auditions:

In short, people who overlook the “little things” - head angle, set position, sticks out, etc - tend to lack the awareness and attention to really excel at the more advanced skill sets - the “big things.”

On the other hand, people who are performing at the absolute top, world class level, apply the same care and quality to everything they do, down to even the smallest detail.


For students and teachers, this week's free PDF download* is an incredibly simple, yet powerful checklist to help you ensure you are not overlooking the details.

In your individual and group audition, your body language will convey that you're either an amateur or a pro. Don't miss these little things!


  1. Video yourself
  2. Watch the video and compare it to your checklist
  3. Use the Checklist to correct these details before the audition

Good luck, and thanks again for watching!


*This week's handout is 2 pages. For full show notes, visit https://hueiyuanpan.com/periscope/lesson19


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