Who Wants the 10 Burlesque Secrets to Unlimited Confidence in Love and Business?

I'm so excited to share my new ebook-

"10 Burlesque Secrets to Unlimited Confidence in Love and Business!"

In it, I'm giving away some of my secrets to confidence, success and love for business, love and life. And guess what? It took me 10 years as a Burlesque Entertainer to discover these tips and tools. So why am I sharing?

  • Because I don't want you to have to wait 10 years to learn these secrets- I want you to have some of my top tips now! I want you to be unstoppable, powerful and reclaim your "It Factor", that thing that makes people stop and stare or want to talk to you when you walk into a room. You know what Im talking about.
  • Because I'm a divorced, single mom who has tried to be super mom, super career woman and super everything... while putting myself last. I learned the hard way how important self care and self love is for happiness.
  • Because I'm now living the life of my dreams and I want to give you a kick start to living yours.

Why? Because life is too short for someday. You'll hear me say that a lot, FYI.

This booklet is for you if:

  • You want to re-discover your "IT factor"
  • You're a super mom and want to feel fun, sexy and whole again.
  • You're single or divorced and having "fun" navigating dating
  • Married and want to bring a spark back into your relationship.

If any of these describe you, SECRET #1 to feeling fun, sexy, whole, powerful and unstoppable is feeling good and confident about yourself, and I won't lie... in the beginning, it can be as simple as "faking it until you make it" about yourself.

What else is inside?

  • Ways to get to know yourself. Seriously. We spend so much of our lives waiting for validation and permission that we don’t know what we really like, really desire and feel.
  • Examples of ways to take time for yourself to decompress, get grounded and centered in your body and your femaleness.
  • An immediate sense of feeling good. This is really important. Feeling good is the secret to confidence and it’s yours. The Universe wants you to have it!

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Because life is too short for someday

<3 Madeline

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