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Have you started to memorize Scripture only to "fall off the wagon" time and time again? Has life been keeping you so "busy" that you aren't finding time to read the Bible? Are you beating yourself up or feeling guilty over it?

You're not alone.

I have been there several times and with God's leading I developed a 52-week Scripture memorization challenge that can easily fit into any season of life you find yourself in. Not only will this challenge fit into any season of life; it will also give you the solid consistency you need to build a strong, life-long habit of memorizing God's Word.

Memorizing Scripture has so many benefits. From building a stronger, Christ-like character to giving a word of encouragement to another in due season; having God's Word stored in our hearts makes us better mothers, wives, daughters, friends, mentors, and leaders.

If you could use an easy to follow format to memorize God's Word, we invite you to join us for my FREE 5-week mini Scripture memory challenge!

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