Picky Eaters No More: Getting to the root of the problem without forcing or starving

From Picky to 'Eats Anything Set In Front of Them' in less than a week!

Are you overwhelmed by your child's pickiness?

Does your child have sensory issues (sensitive to texture or flavor) related to food?

Have you tried, and only had limited success with feeding therapy?

I'm hosting a webinar to tell you exactly how picky eating is rooted in the gut flora, and explain how you can take super simple steps that don't involve starving your child or forcing them to eat anything they don't want to to turn that picky eating around in less than a week!

In this webinar I show you the 3 keys to getting your child from picky to eating 3 balanced meals a day, FAST.

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The 10 Best-Accepted Foods that reverse picky eating.

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