Create a healthy lifestyle by making healthy eating an easy every day activity, getting active, and learning new ways to calm and focus the mind.

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"I have been incorporating the dietary, movement and centering focuses for the last 5 weeks and I honestly feel like a different, more joyful person. I am amazed at the power of simple, mindful practices and how they make such a difference in my heart space. Thank you for taking the time and energy to curate such powerful and beautifully bundled instructions. I always enjoy seeing an email from you because I know they are sent with care and they constantly nourish and enrich my journey."

~ Jessie

"Jennifer – once again I want to thank YOU so much for doing this. It was a very helpful and curiously inspiring exercise for me. It was easy to follow, and had a reasonable “end date” in mind. I have dropped a few pounds, feel better, sleep better and am just more aware of my healthy “being-ness” in some subtle ways. Thank you!"

~ Pete Flagg

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