Is Facebook Worth the Effort?

Let's find out together!

Let's put Facebook to the test

Together, we will find out if Facebook is worth the effort.

After all the recent fallout when Facebook changed the Branded Content Policy, I began wondering if I could see better results taking my same enthusiasm for Facebook and focusing it on something else.

I spend hours each week jumping through all the hoops Facebook has for me. Then, I am left with my fingers crossed... hoping to get a little traffic from this social media beast.

What if I took the same amount of time and effort and focused on something like Pinterest, search engine optimization, email subscribers... anything... Would I see a difference? Would this new focus be a wiser investment of my time?

If you are wondering the same thing, I would love you to join our challenge.

Through a 2 week email challenge, we will monitor the impact of turning our focus away from Facebook to another traffic source and see if our blog traffic changes.

Together as a community, we will end the challenge with certainty.

Should you stay with Facebook? Change your strategy? Or, should you move on to other traffic sources?

Let's find out together.

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