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"Reach millions of subscribers!"

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But how many books are actually downloaded?

Only one group has the data that matters:


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WANT DATA? IndieListers has IT.

MEgALIST of promotion sites? yup.

And that's just some of the "B"s!

"What's the point?"

There are hundreds of free and paid book promotions services out there. Success depends on finding and choosing the right promotions for your book.

"Who's On indielisters?"

Newbie authors, award-winning veterans, and hybrid indies. They’re all here. (There might even be a few NYT Bestselling authors, but we won’t hold that against them.)

"But I'm running multiple promotions..."

Put them in a single entry and show us the power of stacking.

"My publisher has my numbers..."

Ask for them. They want you to succeed, and finding the best promotion strategy is part of that formula.

"Can my agent / publisher / promotion service give you the numbers?"

No. Indielisters is built exclusively by authors.

"What's the catch?"

No catch. It's free. You get help choosing promos, and you get to help other authors.

"But this doesn't tell you the whole story..."

Of course not. But it's a great beginning. . .

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Indielisters is built exclusively by authors. Publishers, agents, and book promotion service providers should encourage their authors to submit their results to Indielisters.