I Will: 365 Days of Productive Action

A DELVE online course for artists & creatives.

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“I Will, 365 Days of Productive Action” is an online course that will help you outline and gain clarity around your career goals, make an actionable plan to achieve them within 365 days, and remain accountable to yourself as a solo practitioner/small business. You can make a lot of positive change happen for your career within a year. Whether you are motivated to start on January 1st or any random day, it must start with outlining your goals and setting up a sensible plan to achieve them. Way easier said than done, right?

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why and how it’s important to set aside time visualizing your big career goals
  • How to harness the skills you already have to achieve those big goals within a calendar year
  • How other real artists and creatives achieved their life-changing career goals with some organization and hard work
  • Where you might be stalling yourself from making progress
  • Where and how to find accountability to get your work done

Believe us, you already know how to do all of this, you are smart and talented enough to get this done. We are just going to guide you in a productive, motivating way, and hold you accountable. Let’s light the fire and make sure that the next 365 days are the most productive yet.

Sara & Andrea


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