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Welcome to Cooking With Sass!

If cooking without recipes intrigues you or it's something you've been interested in but you haven't quite figured out how to actually pull it off in your day-to-day life, then you're going to absolutely love Cooking With Sass!

Here's what's included:

  • Cooking With Sass! Seasonal Recipe-Free Online Vegan Cooking Course;
  • Our next seasonal class: Spring/Summer (begins May 15th, 2017)
  • Weekly inspirational cooking videos! Watch as I step into my kitchen to create a meal on the spot without a recipe using the very same techniques you'll learn in this course;
  • Spring and Summer Seasonal Produce Guides to help you choose the freshest, most in-season produce when you go shopping;
  • Contests and more off-the-cuff, fun surprises sprinkled throughout;
  • Access to our fun online community filled with students just like you who are focused and driven to find success with the vegan diet;
  • Personal coaching right in the course—your questions will always be answered in a timely and friendly manner.

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Here's SOME of the feedback from students of our past classes:

"Wonderful seeing the various principles and guidelines you teach on your website and in your courses brought together in a very practical demonstration and example of how easily it's done!"
-- Greg B.

"Loving the Cooking with Sass course! Great job"
-- Janie G.

"I am loving Sassy's Vegan Coach approach stressing creativity, experimentation, and trial and error. I find it a relaxing and enjoyable way to cook! "
-- Margaret B.

"I LOVE watching you cook, and the commentary too!! These cooking videos just bring EVERYTHING you're telling us together so CLEARLY!!!....I LOVE THEM!!!....They are EXTRAORDINARILY INSPIRING!!!!.....I AM so excited because I made my FIRST TOTALLY IMPROVISATIONAL RECIPE-FREE DISH IN NEARLY 27 YEARS last night!!!!.....I wasn't even SCARED beforehand (NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!)....rather, I was EXCITED!!!!!!!.....and I actually had FUN, FUN, FUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!! THANK YOU ENDLESSLY for what you're are CHANGING our lives, for the better, every single day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!"
-- Daryl L.

""This class is so much fun! I love hearing the differences in dishes as to where people are from. There are so many different ideas to share. And I love reading all the comments! I have to say again, this class, seeing you cook, then issueing challenges has really changed my approach to cooking. I just feel so "liberated" I guess you could say. Looking forward to our next challenge!!! I am for sure signing up for the Winter class."
-- Nancy M.

"Do you want to know something that I feel is unusual in taking this class? Well, I EXPECTED to have to go out and purchase different ingredients to make all the things you would have us make, right? Never one time have I purchased ANYTHING special for this class! NOT.ONE.THING! So, I guess that means that anyone can benefit from these classes because it truly is teaching us to use what we have on hand already! In fact, I have only been shopping 3 times since these started and only bought staples! Way less than usual! I thank you for this! Glen thanks you for this! Recipe-free! XO"
-- Shirley M.

"This course is a lot of fun, and I feel like I'm thinking more creatively in the kitchen. It's pulling me out of my cooking rut! Thank you Sassy!"
-- Lisa D.

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Our Next Class (Spring/Summer) Begins May 15th!