A complicated bouquet of flowers.

To help you ask — and remember. “What does TRUE SUCCESS mean to YOU?”

Greenville, South Carolina

An interesting place. Indeed.

This painting was inspired from a photo I took outside my studio/gallery — which at the time was located along the river walk in downtown Greenville, SC.

If there were ever a city that had reason to brag…Greenville, SC is finding itself at the top of countless “Best Places to XYZ“ awards.

Maybe it is the Yankee still left in me, but for how much I truly do enjoy living here, I’m just not feeling it.

Having spent time in many, many cities around the country throughout my 45+ years, there is no argument that downtown Greenville, SC boasts a pretty face. Especially the few blocks which border Main Street.

But just like the intricate makeup of the countless petals that comprise the flowers shown in the vase — cities are complicated. People are complicated. Places are complicated.

“Beauty is only skin deep.” I would argue that the saying holds fast to both people AND places.

“What makes a person a success? What makes a place a success” These are questions I have been pondering for many years since moving to South Carolina in 2008.

Although beautiful on its surface, this painting embodies some deeply mixed feelings I have about this place I now call home. But that is OK. It is good to wrestle inside with things of deep meaning. That is what causes growth.

I hope this painting inspires you to think about TRUE SUCCESS, and what that looks like for you — and your home.

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A complicated snapshot of Greenville, SC


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