SAFELYou Self-Defense Series

A Mind-Body Approach to Self-Defense

Feel safe wherever you are!

SAFELYou: Overview: This 45-minute course provides an overview of social versus a-social violence, the levels of force, and skills to stay in Level 1 Presence. [This course can be offered in person or online.]

SAFELYou: Opening: These sessions can be two to five hours long and will consist of 20-minute mini sessions (tapping tune-ups) to help reduce stress/anxiety/fear and prepare students’ brains to receive new ideas and see new creative solutions. Students (and/or staff) will benefit from reduced cortisol levels and increased energy levels. These tune-ups will introduce them to the key ideas offered in the Prevention and Choices courses below. [This course can be offered in person or online.]

SAFELYou: Prevention: This is a four-hour course to teach mindset, awareness, and presence to avoid an attack. It includes conflict communication, understanding and use of fast brain functions, EFT tapping and a deep understanding of the levels of force. Also includes an overview of the topic of violence, focusing on a response to predatory violence. [This course can be offered in person or online.]

SAFELYou: Choices: This 20-hour course offers a comprehensive introduction to physical and mental skills to avoid and survive an attack. It provides skills to minimize the likelihood of being selected as a victim, using Amy Cuddy's presence teachings, fast brain studies/practices, EFT to clear fears and integrate other skills. It includes all the content of the Survival and Prevention courses as well as a wide introduction of physical skills so you have a CHOICE in your level of response to an attack. [This course must be offered in person.]

SAFELYou: Reset: This component consists of wraparound services for survivors such as mental health counseling, brain training, and ongoing support and life coaching. This can be offered as a weekly support group and/or individual sessions to help folks move through the trauma to stability, peace, and then to joy. [This is offered as a collaboration between Jennifer Sutton and Luc Watelet, psychotherapist and author of Off Script Therapy.]

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