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5Day Toe-Up Sock Challenge!

Explore all the skills : Toe-Up, Afterthought Heel and Magic Loop knitting!

A Complete Free Mini- Course

You'll knit a complete toe-up sock in 5 days!

Struggled with sock knitting? Confused about how to construct heels?

Intrigued about exploring new knitting techniques?

You'll love the quick and easy construction of a toe-up sock!

This free mini course will guide you each day to knit a toe-up sock using the Magic Loop technique for circular knitting. It comes with a comprehensive range of pattern support: links to Youtube video, photos, and clearly written instructions for each daily task. And also includes tips and tricks to knit that perfect fitting sock.

Depending on how fast you knit, it'll only take 30-60 minutes of your time each day.

Upon sign up you'll receive information about materials in preparation for the challenge.

An email will be sent to you every day during the 5Day Toe-Up Sock Challenge (except weekends) with clear instructions on how to proceed for each task.

Daily Tasks

Day 1: Judy's Magic Cast On and Toe.

Day 2: Foot length: Measuring for a perfect fit and Afterthought Heel Part 1.

Day 3: Leg, Cuff, Stretchy Bind Off and Jogless Finish.

Day 4: Afterthought Heel Part 2.

Day 5: Kitchener Stitch for a neatly grafted finish...and begin knitting that other sock!

Ready to learn? Why not learn with a friend and share the journey?

Join me on Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2017

for 5 Days of sock knitting fun!

Katalin Beth

I'm in!

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Hi this challenge ran from Mar 8 - Mar 23rd. It is now over. Sorry! Please stay subscribed to be notified of the next one or unsubscribe from Katalin Beth Designs.