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40 Days of Shanti – Free Mantra Challenge is an invitation for you to add peace into your life in whatever area it is needed most. With 40 days of free mantra lessons and tips, I will give you a taste of the ancient, powerful and transformative mantra practice. I will walk you through all aspects of a traditional 40 day practice, step by step and I will be available in the Chakra Bliss Party private Facebook Group to answer your questions and hear your reflections (make sure to sign up to it by clicking the link and asking for access as joining the email list DOES NOT add you to the group).

  • If you have no idea about mantras and don’t know where/how to start adding them to your life, you are at the right place.
  • If you heard about mantras and want to try them on, this is your chance.
  • If you are already a Mantra Lover like me and want to re-ignite your practice, this is for you.

Hop on and enjoy the ride by signing up with the form below. No previous yoga, mantra, meditation, bliss knowledge required.

Have a blissful mantra journey!

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

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“I am loving it all! I appreciate the daily e-mails and especially the inquiry. With a week under my belt, I feel more settled in the sense of being able to follow through. The mantra practice absolutely shifts negative thinking patterns for me that can be particularly pervasive this time of year. Funny thing- it seems Om Shanti Om has come up a few times in readings and daily life lately as if the universe is conspiring to support me. Not seeking perfection but some consistency.”

Janis Sheldon – Yoga Teacher

“Thank you!! Feeling mindful and present. I find myself using my “Om Shanti Om” numerous times during the day. It helps to quiet my mind and focus.”

Deb Tremblay

“Today is Day 7 and I must say I feel lighter, more gentle, with an ease of flow! I’m working on being present and at peace and this has to do with our Mantra. Amazing….and I’m enjoying every blissful second!!!”

Trish Muse

“I am only on day 7 of my 40 Days of Shanti Challenge. Though I have tried, I have not successfully completed my 40 days in past attempts. Yesterday, when I became anxious about something at work I was able to remember to chant my mantra (Om Shanti Om). It assisted me in retrieving focus on the job at hand. It was not an amazing transformation but a barely noticeable change. Just enough to let the anxiety float by without staying as a cloud overhead as it has in the past.”

Nancy Sauter

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