The 10 Habits of a Highly Encouraged Mom

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The 10 daily habits that took me from overwhelmed and stressed to joyful and blessed.

This free resource guide is a stepping stone towards your best days as a mom!


The 10 Habits of a Highly Encouraged Mom Guide is here!

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This free resource guide is a stepping stone towards your best days as a mom!

These 10 daily habits took me from overwhelmed and stressed to joyful and blessed and they will do the same for you!

Being a highly encourage mom requires daily nourishing yourself as a whole: mind, soul, spirit and body. To help you continue to be encouraged and well nourished I create a special Mom’s Bible Journal printable just for you! I love my Mom’s Bible Journal! It has been a lifesaver for me, a busy mom just like you, who don’t have a lot of time to sit down quietly and do a devotional but desperately need to spend time with God before the chaos start. Two months ago I wrote a blog post about Giving God The First Moments of Your Day. I confess that I don’t do a devotional first thing in the morning every single morning as much as I want too. Some days, I get up with 3 hungry children begging for breakfast and I have to do my devotional in the kitchen, standing by the stove, while flipping pancakes, blending smoothies or making waffles! This is life, I know and I’m blessed, so are you! I need to stay focused on giving God the first and best moments of my day, even if that mean I had to do it in stages during my mornings or even throughout my day. That’s why I created this Mom’s Bible Journal for my Happy Planner! In some of my busiest days, my devotional time looks like this: I read my Bible while flipping pancakes and write down my Scripture to meditate on. Write down 2 words that stood up for me while I was reading it or listening to my Bible on Bible App. While kids eat their breakfast, I finally sit down and write down how that word can be applied to my life, pray it and write 1-2 things I am grateful for. Later on, when the kids are doing their homeschool work mostly independently, I sit next to them and color on my illustrated faith space while meditating on the Scripture of the day, write down prayer requests, praise reports, etc. I keep my Happy Planner with me so I can go back to it anytime I have 5 minutes available. What is on your new Mom’s Bible Journal: - A gorgeous cover! - Your daily Bible journal with a Scripture to meditate on including words to focus on and how you can apply that Scripture to your life. - A gratitude space to write 1 or 2 things you are grateful for – beginning the day with gratitude changes our attitude! And least but not last, my favorite space to draw and create your own illustrate faith! - Mom’s favorite Bible verses. - Mom’s Bible study notes. - Mom’s Prayer Lists. - Mom’s Praise reports. - Mom’s Sermon Notes. I know you will love this Mom’s Bible Journal too! Get yours for only $3 here: