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Risk Assessment Cheat Sheet

Hazards, Risks and Controls that you can Cut and Paste

ing a risk assessment can be Tedious. It can take hours of hard work only to have the client knock it back as not Suitable and Sufficient and demand a re-write.

Well, lets put a stop to that frustration right now.

Download one of the safety industry's best kept secrets.

Used by my own Safety Managers day after day after day, you can cut and paste from our Top Ten Hazards Risk Assessment Cheatsheet to produce professional grade risk assessments that get accepted first time.

The Risk Assessment Cheat Sheet is certainly not another "how to" guide
It is a user friendly, bank of knowledge to help you work fast and accurately


    If you're not sure what control measure is acceptable and need a suggestion - check the cheat sheet

    Inexperience shows in the language used. Cut and Paste our solutions and you'll be presenting yourself as an experienced professional

    We're not giving you instructions, we're giving you Answers. Cut and Paste directly from the cheat sheet to speed up document production.

    Save to your tablet, laptop even your phone to always have a solution at your fingertips.

Download now for a taster of how easy your risk assessments can be.

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