Your Body is a Metaphor for Your Life

What is your body telling you?

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I wish I'd known this information when I was a teenager or a 20-something!

I may have been able to prevent or heal my body long before I had:
*knee surgery
*was told I had a gluten intolerance
*was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid condition (Graves Dis-ease) which I have healed and no longer associate with!

Did you know your intestines are asking for healing if/when you're:
*craving sugar, chocolate, or coffee?
*feeling claustrophobic?
*not stopping to use the bathroom?
*hanging on to stuff and people FAR TOO LONG?
*feeling dirty (showering multiple times/day)?
*obsessed w/cleanliness (you or the house)?
*experiencing digestion that's too fast, too slow, or both?

By following some of the guidance provided in this eCourse, I totally annihilated my cravings for sugar (especially for ice cream), and it happened really fast!

In addition to sugar cravings, I had these signs & symptoms, plus more:

  • constant sugar cravings
  • headaches
  • flatulence or bloating after meals
  • constipation and/or diarrhea
  • achy joints
  • memory lapse or brain fog
  • muscle cramps and spasms
  • lack of energy and motivation

I had no idea until it was serious that I had an auto-immune disease - an overactive thyroid condition.

What does that mean? It means my body was fighting itself.

I wanted to be in control of my hunger and appetite, not the other way around!

Eating is the process you undertake that both creates and fuels your whole life. And you body is a metaphor for life!

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