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You know my blog, perhaps you've heard my podcast, and now I'm offering the first of several online courses on foreign languages.

Whether you've made previous attempts or are undertaking learning a language for the first time, I can help get you on your way to a successful and rewarding experience. Some practical tips, some important mindset shifts, all designed to reduce the headaches of learning a foreign language -- no matter what language it is!

You can go it on your own -- OR you can utilize my 35+ years of speaking multiple languages to help get you over the hurdles of learning another language.

Our pilot course is a mini-course called "How to Learn a Foreign Language: 7 Hacks for Making the Daunting Doable". I recommend this short course for ANYONE getting ready to study a foreign language, whether adult learners or students. In fact, I'm requiring my first year Spanish and French students to go through it. It's short and sweet, consisting of 14 brief videos to watch at your own pace.

I'm also preparing to launch a full length Intro to Spanish course. As a high school Spanish teacher, I've observed over and over the need for a solid foundation on the middle school level, yet there are sadly not too many resources out there, especially designed for middle school (or junior high) home schoolers. But adult learners will also benefit from this course, especially if you're looking for a gentle but steady pace that will have you conversing on a basic level by the end of it!

Interested in the How to Learn a Foreign Language course OR the upcoming Intro to Spanish? Just let me know in the form to the right and I'll send you a video module for free!

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