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Transitions Book and Course

What to do when you find yourself between "HERE" and "THERE"


I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit with you on Ken Davis' podcast. I trust our conversation encouraged you to step into the transition you are being compelled to pursue in this season of life.

Soon, I will be releasing my newest book called ... Transitions - What To Do When You Find Yourself Between "Here" and There". In addition, we will also be launching a new online course by the same name. These resources will guide you on a journey through the processes necessary to successfully arrive at the new place.

I want to give you an ADVANCE opportunity to get access to these powerful materials. Just complete the information below, and you will be added to our pre-launch list, and given the opportunity to purchase the book, OR, get access to the course BEFORE the general public, and at a very special discount.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to share with you on the Art and Business of Public Speaking Podcast. If there is any way we can serve you in the future, please contact us via our website at BrianHolmes.com.


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