I'd like to know how to talk to my kids about RACE.

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RACE 101 For Parents

Don't make race discussions taboo in your home. Get the tools to talk.

If you've ever wondered how to talk to your kids about discrimination, racism, prejudice, slavery, and colorism, but have been confused about HOW to start and WHICH topics are appropriate for which ages, this is the workshop for you. Starting with the basic concepts of understanding what race is and what it isn't, what racism is and what it isn't, this workshop will guide you through the vocabulary needed to handle these tough conversations with your friends and your children.

Here's some of what we'll cover:

We'll seek to explain the basic vocabulary and issues. What's the difference between race, ethnicity, and culture? How do I explain prejudice and bigotry vs. racism and systemic racism? What other concepts do I need to know to be able to talk about this without offending others? (Spoiler: You probably will offend someone at some point.) What historical realities do I need to be aware of before talking about these issues?

We'll walk you through the ways you can explore and dismantle your own preconceived biases. (It's hard work!) And we'll give you resources to help you improve your understanding of the issues and increase the exposure you have to diverse media voices.

We'll delve into the developmentally appropriate times to start talking with your kids about race and identity, skin color differences, discrimination, slavery, and so on. We'll talk about how to bring it up, how to make it a natural part of conversation, and how to express concern when race conversations are not handled well with others.

We'll share tons of resources for you and your kids.

Yes, sign me up.

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