Seeking Balance in Motherhood?

Join us for a 7-Day Devotional Series!

Motherhood: A Balanced Perspective

A Devotional Email Series

Is motherhood all you imagined it would be? Or do you feel tired, lonely, and anxious? Does your heart stir restlessly when viewing the "Pinterest moms", realizing you could never measure up?

Balance is the #1 struggle mothers have.

How do we meet the needs of ourselves, our family, job, and community? How do we manage our time? How do we fit is all in? How do we find....

A Balanced Perspective?

Ruthie is a momma to grown children and mentors moms to capture joy in each parenting transition.

Keri is a momma of three who believes being intentional and choosing joy is a choice we get to make each day.

Sarah is a mother of four little ones (one adopted) and invites you to study God's Word in your ordinary day.

Together they will help to encourage you with a seven day email series on finding balance in....

1. Motherhood transitions
2. Joy
3. Bible study

Join us for a 7-day devotional email series called, Motherhood: A Balanced Perspective, launching the first week in March.

This email devotional series will include Scripture, inspiration, and Mama Mantras to keep you balanced throughout your day. We’ll also include a beautiful printable of the Mama Mantras for you to use as a visual reminder.

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