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Blind Prophet's Pro-life Message

It most certainly does not pull any punches... Richard Lee Bruce

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Have you ever thought about...

  • What happens to the souls of the little ones who are not allowed to be born?
  • What would happen if one of these little ones was destined to save the world, in a way that could never be anticipated?

  • What would happen if a courageous woman chose to have such a child, born blind and with mental disabilities akin to autism, despite the doubts of her doctor and pressure from her husband to terminate the pregnancy?

Hi, my name is Joseph Cillo, Jr...

I'm the creator and writer of Blind Prophet. My thoughts along these lines drove me to create the Blind Prophet story, about a boy, born blind and autistic, who undergoes an experimental procedure to stimulate his vision, that gives him the ability to see into the spiritual realm, where demons tempt, and angels defend.

A completely unexpected hero, appearing to the world to be weak, and of little consequence, but who develops a subtle power to understand how people are being tempted, giving him insight into the moral choices faced by the characters he encounters.

Episode 1 is just the origin story. You will need to wait a bit for the future episodes to see how this disabled child, who almost was not allowed to be born, saves the world!

We are please to make this episode available on the Kindle format, and plan to make all seven episodes available, four of which have been released in print. A compilation of the first four is also available on Amazon.com under the title, Blind Prophet, Part 1, which you may want to check out!

So, are you ready for:

  • A completely unexpected superhero, who no one dreamed would amount to anything?
  • A superhero with a subtle power operating in an unseen realm?
  • A superhero who almost never was, an origin that almost never happened?

  • Are you ready to start the journey to see how a child born blind and autistic can save the world?

    We call the Blind Prophet a New Kind of Hero...

    We dedicate Blind Prophet, "For all the superheroes who never were given a chance..."

    We hope, you will give our superhero the chance he deserves to save the world...

    Welcome to Blind Prophet!

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    What are people saying about Blind Prophet?

    Check out this quote from Richard Lee Bruce:

    "What we have is a blind boy with special powers that are generally in line with Catholic/Christian teaching. It is quite a bit different from anything I have read before. The first teen I showed it too said, 'This is awesome.'" --A Catholic's Guide to Quality Graphic Novels that are Pro-Christian

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    Best Regards,

    Joseph Cillo Jr. - Creator and Writer of Blind Prophet

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