The Art of Inspiring Students:

How to "trick" struggling learners into studying smarter, learning more, and raising grades

Learn how "The Study Cycle" can help students learn more efficiently and easily than any other technique.

Did you know that most students study in the WRONG way?

In fact, many educators and parents inadvertently teach them to study in the

wrong way. Talk about a sad waste of time.

The most common study technique amongst students world-wide is to re-read

their textbook or their notes ... over and over again. This is inefficient, boring,

bad for your brain, and causes grades on tests to be whole letter grades lower

than they would be if students studied in more brain-friendly ways.

When students understand brain science, and are taught what the brain needs

in order to learn efficiently, they can plan their study time to be more effective

and less time wasting.

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