5 Days. 5 Emails. 5 Steps to having the most popular booth at a Craft Show

"I applied some steps from the challenge and it was AMAZING, it really helped and improved my display. More people came to see the booth and many bought from me."

~Beatriz, Owner of Pretelie from Brazil

It's been amazing to receive all the emails from craft show vendors who have joined the challenge and just want to email to let me know how much they've enjoyed it and the "aha moments" it's sparked.

They know they need to do something to bring their craft show sales up but they're not sure where to start.

They know they need to do more than place a tablecloth down, add a few risers and neatly arrange their products.

Since I launched the challenge a few months ago, thousands of handmade business owners have joined and learned the little tricks that add up to big results.

Many realize:

  • They're making too much and don't have a USP (unique selling position)
  • Their handmade products and display are lacking a bit of direction and this challenge has helped them focus
  • They're not creating a branded display (I have a fun exercise at the end of day 2 to help you thinking of your craft show space as a branded boutique)

There's tons more in the challenge and valuable lessons every handmade business owner should learn.

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A big one is knowing there isn't one product that sells best or creates the most popular display at a craft show. Any vendor can have a best selling booth and shoppers stopping by all day.

Join the challenge below and learn how to:

  • Create a display shoppers can't help but notice and want to stop at
  • Make it clear to shoppers why they should buy from you over your competitors
  • Create your own branded boutique within a craft fair that shoppers remember long after the event
  • Create a "need to have" for your product instead of a "would like to have but I'll just take a business card for now"
  • Make shoppers comfortable, because an uncomfortable one won't buy


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