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100 Word Stories by Kev - Volume 1

I've set myself the challenge of writing and sharing a new 100 Word Story every day during 2016. I'm going to be publishing my first 50 stories as an eBook by the end of February.

100 Word Stories by Kev

My Daily 'Story-a-day' writing challenge for 2016

My love of short stories started because I'm lazy! I didn't have the time to read novels on a regular basis, so I started reading short stories. I read them online, I bought physical books and scoured the Kindle store in search of new short story collections.

At the same time, I learned about the growing 'flash fiction' story telling movement. So I started reading those as well. I loved the brevity, the immediacy and so, I started writing some of my own. In December 2015, I began writing stories that were exactly 100 Words in length.

For some unknown reason, I decided to set myself the challenge of writing and sharing one of these story every day for the whole of 2016. And of course.... I forgot it was a leap year, so that means 366 stories, rather than 365!

I'm going to release Kindle eBooks of my stories over the course of the year. The first volume will be released in February 2016.

You can see all my stories by visiting 100 Word Story.

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(This is a temp cover for the first volume, using an image by the very talented Mr. Michael Carver.

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