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Interlocking Integrity™ Workshop

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Interlocking!

"Interlocking Does Not Cause Damage, Improper Technique Does!"

In the upcoming NuGrowth Academy workshop, you will learn in-depth knowledge about the interlocking technique, tools for interlocking, proper hair care, and repair solutions.

When: Monday, July 10th, 2017

Where: Online Training

Cost: $250

Course Objectives:

◆ Students will be able to understand the basics of interlocking principles and when to use various interlocking patterns.
◆ Students will be able to recognize the locking characteristics of interlocked hair.
◆ Students will be able to properly start and maintain locs using interlocking.
◆ Students will be able to identify and correct issues with interlocking techniques.
◆ Students will learn what type of products are essential for and should be avoided on interlocked hair.
◆ Students will be able to identify the proper tools for interlocking at various lengths, stages and sizes.

This workshop is offered online via the NuGrowth Academy training website and is a self-paced curriculum. You do not need to be a current licensed hair care professional to enroll. Upon successful completion of the workshop, students have the option to apply for the "Interlocking Specialist" certification.

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Monday, July 10th

Where: Online Training

Cost: $250

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