Are you ready to organize your homeschool once and for all from top to bottom?

We are getting together for a whole month to give our homeschool a complete makeover!


Small daily steps focusing in one area only to help you accomplish all of those things you want to but don't have enough time to do it!

Each week, there’s a specific area that we are going to target. Here’s the basic outline:

Week 1: Supplies
Week 2: Spaces
Week 3: Books
Week 4: Other stuff

The days of the week are divided up to help focus one thing at a time. Knowing that I was likely to give up and fail if I wasn’t given explicit, simple, step-by-step instructions, I tried to do exactly that for the daily tasks.

Weekends are off – unless you want to finish up a task from the week or are so inspired that you just can’t stop!


Ready to Organize Your Homeschool?

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