Stop thinking so much
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1 week . 15 minutes a day. Self-guided. Built-in accountability. A personal check-in from us.

One of the hardest things to do as a busy artist is to set aside time to visualize your big career goals.

This challenge will help you clear your mind, focus on the most critical goal to achieve next, and help you make progress within a month's time. It's free, self-guided and we will personally check in with you to see how it's going.

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Sara and Andrea of Kind Aesthetic + DELVE

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  • Clear your mind and identify your top professional goals
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  • Fess up to what is holding you back
  • Make an action plan to achieve your most pressing to dos
  • Find accountability
  • Make progress on a huge goal in one month’s time!

If you sign up we will also be checking in with you personally to see how things are going. That way you get built-in accountability with this challenge. We're here to help!