How can I stop Ransomware affecting my business?

with Malicious Execution Prevention (MEP) from Chalk Circle

How does it work?

If Ransomware cannot execute and install then it cannot infect your networks and machines. MEP is a lightweight software client that runs within the kernel of the operating system and prevents all malicious software execution.

Ransomware could potentially lead to the downfall of a small to medium-sized organisation, but few believe they're equipped to handle it if their network is infected with malicious file-encrypting software.

Ransomware has boomed in the last year, with cyber-criminals exploiting it to nefariously rake in more than $1 billion.

However it isn't just big businesses which cyber-fraudsters are targeting; smaller organisations are in the cross-hairs too. Small and medium-sized businesses are often unaware they could be a target for Ransomware, meaning they often don't have a plan for if they become victims.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that once executed scans your network devices and then encrypts the data denying access to it until a ransom has been paid.

How Can I Stop Ransomware?

Chalk Circle MEP is powered by Abatis and provides patented protection against all malicious software and Ransomware, preventing zero day exploits and advanced persistent threats.

The software can also be deployed on SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and due to it's efficiency can even save energy reducing running costs.

Benefits of Ransomware Protection

  • Doesn't rely on signatures or constant software updates so your always protected, even against new variants.
  • Protects against Zero Day attacks and new Ransomware variants.
  • Protects against Advanced Persistent Threats (ATP).
  • Fully managed worry free solution, providing peace of mind and complete protection coverage for your business.
  • Stops other unauthorized software being installed on your network, meaning you can better control what gets installed and who is allowed to use it.
  • Provides Granular Control, so that you can manage your environment on an application by application basis specific to each of your locations.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (as an example can provide a typical 7% energy efficiency saving on server performance).

Who Are We?

Chalk Circle is a technology and security services business established in 2010 and based in the South-East of England.
We have over 18 years of specialist technology and security experience gained through the design and delivery of complex IT solutions and services for Global Tier 1 Managed Service Providers.
We're a technology company that helps businesses grow while mitigating risk. We help you define a technology strategy (and the infrastructure for it to operate on) for your business based on what you want to achieve and deliver for your customers. Thanks to our specialist Cyber Security experience, we ensure security is baked into your business at every layer.

I Want to Protect Against Ransomware. What Next?

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Protection for an endpoint is available from £60 per year (ex VAT)

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